1 Slender Hobby Knife w/ 11 Blade
  • Workbench Essentials

    Workbench Essentials (177)

    The Workbench Essentials tools are a must-have for any model kit enthusiast and can greatly enhance the building experience. One of the most important tools in this collection is the cutting mat. This mat not only protects your work surface from scratches and cuts but also provides a grid and measurements for precise and straight cuts. Another essential tool is…
  • Holding & Clamping

    Holding & Clamping (48)

    When it comes to building model ships, RC models, and model airplanes, having the right Holding & Clamping tools is essential for a successful and enjoyable experience. One of the most important types of tools for these types of projects are clamping and holding tools. These tools are specifically designed to assist in holding various pieces and parts in place…
  • Cutting & Sanding

    Cutting & Sanding (162)

    Cutting and sanding tools are essential when it comes to making model ship kits, RC models, and model airplane kits. These tools are crucial for achieving precision and accuracy in the construction of these miniature models. They allow hobbyists and enthusiasts to create intricate details and smooth finishes, making the final product look realistic and professional. One of the primary…
  • Specialty Tools

    Specialty Tools (166)

    When it comes to creating model ships and other model kits, there are a variety of specialty tools that are essential for achieving a high level of detail and precision. One of the most commonly used tools is the hobby knife, also known as a precision knife or X-Actotm knife. This tool allows for precise cutting and shaping of delicate…
  • Tool Sets

    Tool Sets (41)

    There are a variety of different tool sets available for model makers, each with their own specific purposes and uses. One of the most basic and essential tools is a hobby knife, which is used for cutting and trimming various parts of the model. Another important tool is a pair of needle-nose pliers, which are used for bending and manipulating…