Lubricants and oils are essential tools that can greatly improve the overall construction process. These tools serve to reduce friction between parts, making them easier to fit together and ensuring a smoother finish. One of the most commonly used lubricants in model making is silicone oil.

This clear, odorless oil is perfect for working with delicate plastic pieces as it does not damage or discolor them. It can also be used to lubricate moving parts such as gears or hinges, allowing them to move freely without getting stuck. Another popular lubricant is graphite powder, which is often used in conjunction with silicone oil for an even smoother finish. Graphite powder is particularly useful for reducing friction between metal parts, preventing corrosion, and improving conductivity.

In addition to these lubricants, there are also specialized oils designed specifically for model making. These include motor oil, which is ideal for lubricating small motors and engines, and sewing machine oil, which is perfect for delicate moving parts such as needle bearings. When using these oils, it is important to apply them sparingly and with precision to avoid any unwanted mess or buildup. Overall, lubricants and oils are crucial tools in the construction of model ships and other model kits, ensuring a more efficient and enjoyable building experience.