Multi End Hobby Hammer (110g) View larger

Multi End Hobby Hammer (110g)


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• Versatile double-ended hammer
• Lightweight with a knurled grip for comfortable use
• Includes six hammer options that simply screw on:
• Ball pein
• Dome
• Flat end
• Chisel end
• Plastic flat end
• And brass flat end

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Modelcraft Multi End Hobby Hammer (110g)

This Multi End Hobby Hammer is perfect for shaping,riveting, bending and decorating thin metals & striking blows. Ideal for hobby, jewellery, engineering, watchmaking etc. 

Hammers & Pin Pushers

The Modelcraft collection includes a selection quality hammers and pin pushers. Nailing, pin pushing or riveting can be frustrating if the wrong type or an oversized hammer is used. Not to mention the dangers involved. Small pins and nails should be driven in using a precision tool rather than a regular DIY hammer. Pin pushers will make inserting small panel pins and nails a breeze and virtually eliminate sort thumbs!

The SHESTO Modelcraft Collection

The SHESTO Modelcraft collection is a comprehensive range of useful, often hard to find precision hand tools and accessories essential for any toolbox. The range of Model Craft tools covers many applications where detail, precision and close up control are needed, such as: model making, general hobby & craft, electronics & light engineering, renovation & restoration, jewellery making, as well as smaller DIY and household repairs.