Commercial Accounts

We sell to distributors, chains, and individual stores in the hobby, craft, and hardware markets, anywhere where precision tools for small projects are used. Our products are sold in bright, vibrant packaging with great "shelf presence." We have flexible minimum order quantities and ship F.O.B. from our modern warehouse facility.

The Model Craft Collection of tools is a very complete assortment of products, both popular and unique, for every craft and hobby; everywhere detail, precision, and close-up control is needed. We offer:

  • No minimum order quantity
  • Large selection of both popular and the hard to find (in fact, most of our customers started buying these hard to find items)
  • Fast turn-around on orders (usually within 3 days) from our facility
  • Attractive and vibrant packaging for our entire product line for the best visual merchandising
  • Our lower retails and superior quality offers the best value for the customer

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